Sunday, December 26, 2010

Knit Fix

Okay, so after my last post I tried to felt the hat down to a human size. But some of the bulky yarn did not want to felt, it must have been pre-felted. So the hat still looked like it might fit an elephant. I decided to cut mittens out and then add a little more knitting to the hat so that it came over the ears a bit. I think it worked out pretty well. The mittens are super warm and cozy. Next time, I will not try to substitute needles that are four sizes too big!
And we got to enjoy a white Christmas!  Thankfully, Grandma finally arrived from the airport after a long night of cancelled flights and delays. We are getting in a lot of sledding while the snow is good.


Joy said...

Well, I think it turned out pretty cute. Alls well that ends well. Enjoy the snow! We sure are!

Linda said...

Wishing you a wonderful 2011
Take care

Julie said...

Your hat looks great! That snow looks so nice and refreshing.

Wild Maple Wool said...

Very clever and oh so adorable mama!!!! I just updated my blog with my newest yummy yarn stash, perhaps I should knit a hat like yours (one in a size that fits!)