Sunday, October 23, 2011

Autumn Musings

How I love my handwork classes! The children are so eager and joyful in their work. Here is the first and second grade basket.  Sometimes I hear the children whispering their verse as they knit. Many children make up their own verses as well!

And here is my third and fourth graders' basket. They are making the beautiful sewing books from Linda's pattern at Rhythms of the Home. I wanted to begin with knitting this year, since some students have not learned it before. Being a first year, combined grade school I have adjusted the handwork curriculum to meet the needs of the class.

Life has been so very busy and I have set down my camera for a time. It feels good to rest this interest as I know that it enlivens my ability to experience what is in front of me and see more clearly. The SE Womens' Herbal Conference was delightful, especially with my dear friend, Lindsley who came from CA to attend. Mia joined the young women's circle with her beloved teacher and mentor, Lena. One highlight was standing one evening at Lake Eden, stars and moon shining overhead, bonfire bright and women drumming and singing prayer to Mother Earth and seeing a glorious shooting star as it soars overhead. It was breathtaking. Another highlight was learning from the plants with herbalist and wise woman Suki Roth, the teacher who is the main reason that I attend SEWHC year after year. I hope some day to spend more time learning from her, she is extraordinary.

With gratitude and Autumnal blessings to all!