Monday, May 31, 2010

Garden of Delights

I am so blissed out about the state of my little garden. It is in full swing, and we are harvesting our beets and swiss chard, snow peas, and  herbs. Most of all, I love seeing the glow of connection that my children feel for the bounty of the earth. Feeding the body and soul -amazing goodness.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Playing with Food

The kids were in an extra playful mood the other day and all of their food began to take on personality. Before I knew it, the fruit salad became a plate of comedians and the banana was smiling at me. Sometimes, food makes good, wholesome, artful fun... as long as they eat it, too.

Yum, yum...

Celebrating May

We had a fun time gathering with community last weekend.  The annual May Faire had a wonderful turnout, and supported the efforts of  the blossoming Waldorf initiation in our area. Azalea Mountain School plans to open its first Kindergarten program this year, and will be working towards AWSNA accreditation.  Dandelion Hill and several other waldorf-inspired programs are also adding to the growth of the community, as well as quite a few home schoolers such as ourselves. The day before the faire, the girls expressed great interest in renting a sales table for the event. And did they ever get to work! Vivienne got inspired by our new origami paper and made several dozen fortune tellers. Mia created many tree bark necklaces,  a project she designed for her 10th birthday party. We also had a box of blank yoyos from Goose Grease that we decided to paint with watercolors and colored pencils, then finished them with a beeswax oil. My dear friend, Ines, joined us and sold her beautiful art prints, painted river stones and woolen creations. It was a lot of fun!

Some favorite activities included beading, garland making,  flower printing, fairy house making, tree climbing, maypole dancing, listening to live musicians, silk dying, and the list goes on! Jasper loved running in the field with Ely, and making fairy houses. There was a cute fishing game that he liked as well. It was a very lovely afternoon, filled with friends and fun.

Be like a flower and turn your face to the sun. ~ Kahil Gibran

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Over the Rainbow

Vivienne's beautiful little co-op recreated The Wizard of Oz for their end of the year production. I was astounded by the magnitude and beauty of the work that these five young girls created alongside the amazing adults, Chama, Alan and Peter (as well as many other contributors). They learned their lines, (which were adapted to Yome school locale thanks to Alan) as well as solo and group songs. I could see that the girls learned and grew in astonishing ways. Mia was excited to join the cast as a munchkin.
Dorothy and Toto in Barnardsville

This was one of the funniest scenes. The flying monkey (Alan) flew down the zip line behind the stage, ran through the audience and snatched up Dorothy (Vivienne). Can you see the sheer delight in the approach of the flying monkey? A priceless moment!

"There's no place like Yome, There's no place like Yome..."

In addition to putting on a delightful production, the children raised about $300, which they chose to donate to the Heifer International. Between the $1 admission, concessions and a raffle for a beautiful shelf that Papa Jeremy helped the girls build, they made a beautiful contribution!
Extra love and thanks to Chama , the director mama extraodinaire! As well as all the amazing helpers and parents who made this such a wonderful experience!