Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Birthday Season continues...

Jaspie had a wonderful birthday, centering around a big pile of legos the he build with his friends. He also had a sweet celebration at school. I can't believe my baby is six!

 Here is our new friend, Findus. He is an angora (who had a chop haircut before we got him - it will be flufflier soon) He is a super sweet bunny and will give me gorgeous fiber to spin. he was a big comfort to Vivi when she was sick. The whole family has been battling the flu lately.

Mia's cute present for Jasper. She crocheted the little heart around his neck.

And speaking of haircuts, I decided to chop my hair and donate it to Locks of Love. Ah, nice change.

Happy (belated) Valentines Day! xoxo Hope yours was sweet!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Handwork Samples

 I completed my sample work for my summer session at Rudolf Steiner College. We covered the first, second and third grade curriculum. It has been such a benefit to me in my teaching at Azalea Mountain School and I have enjoyed my work so much. I thought I would share some of the project samples for my classes, though there are so many more wonderful ideas. I am amazed and delighted to see how well the children love to knit and crochet, and how much joy it brings to them. And most all of the materials for my classes have been plant dyed by me!

grade 3 projects: crocheted hat (from center to outer rim), crocheted water bottle case, drop spindle and spun wool, stitched  felt candle mat
 grade two projects: knitted gnome with crocheted cap, knitted horse, butterfly stitch jump rope, crocheted washcloth

grade three: crocheted wrist warmers

 grade 3: crocheted flute cases

grade two/three: stitched scissors case, little knitted doll, crocheted hat( from outer rim to center)

My grade three/four transition project: knitted and stitched sewing needle case from Linda's pattern here. I love being inspired by her blog Natural Suburbia.

Grade one: indigo baby bunting (I make dolls for them when they are finished), knitted flute case, knitted rainbow ball

Mia and Lena

Mia and I had a really lovely afternoon with a friend making felted hummingbirds. It was so nice to take a day to  and enjoy slowing down and simply being present to the joy of the moment! Thanks for joining us, Lena!

Panda girl

 For Vivienne's 9th birthday this year, it all began when she saw a photo of a panda cupcake! She has also loved the cultures of the East, so it was a natural that she would want a Panda party. It was pretty fun to prepare for and so sweet to celebrate my girl with such a nice group of friends.

Happy Birthday, my sweet Vivi Claire! xoxo