Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Handwork and other good things

What an honor and a gift it was for me to be the first handwork teacher at Azalea Mountain School! And what a sweet and blessed year we had! Here are the last of the little knit chickens and mice that the first and second grade children made. It was a beautiful and bittersweet day to teach on the last day of school, knowing that I will not be returning in the Fall. It has been a difficult decision to make but I firmly feel that my family life is demanding that I have more time and energy for home right now. My children will be young for such a short and precious time. I will miss the children at school though, and the very wonderful faculty and staff that made it such a joy to work there.

 This is one of Mia's clay projects that she made with a wonderful teacher named Mellie. She made this  totem with each bird representing a member of our family.

 This was a fun project that my handwork students made for the Eurythmy teacher's new baby girl who was just born. Children in grade 1-4 knitted the squares from plant dyed wool. The rainbow balls and mice were made in the 1/2 grade class.

It was a great honor to be able to present this gift with the school children to Elizabeth.

 And this was a project that friends and family made for Elizabeth at her Blessing Way. It is a needle felted banner which I think turned out so nicely!

  Don't you love the little gnome in a pocket?

And here is the lovely faculty at Azalea Mountain School. What a beautiful year! Blessings to all. xo

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