Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Family & Friends Camping Trip

This past weekend was our second year of experiencing the magic of Cataloochee. We organized a group of 13 families to enjoy a weekend of camping fun together. It was fantastic. I cannot even describe the pleasure of watching my children running free in a natural environment as pristine and inviting as this one. The kids travelled in packs - then merged together for bike rides and ball games, disc golf, creek exploration and campfires. And the grownups had just as much fun!

The cove was filled with thousands of butterflies, and elk that would migrate down to the open fields at sunset. One stag was even spotted crossing our campsite in the early morning. And the fresh, clean air that smelled of pine needles warmed by the sun, and cool crisp bubbling creek water. Heavenly!

Going to see the Elk:

The Old Homestead Barn:

Monday, May 19, 2008

Mother's Day

I am finally posting about my beautiful mother's day. It is a day that I cherish because it is what my life revolves around - being a mama to my amazing children. And to be appreciated is such a gift. Vivienne was musing that mother's day should be all year long, well until my birthday in July, well okay maybe just a week. She made some lovely art pieces for me, and a beautiful card. Mia also made a lovely card, and they both chose some special gifts with David - my favorites - chocolate, ginger chews, peppermint soap, earrings and a special box. We spent the afternoon at Hot Springs soaking in a tub and sharing a picnic lunch. It was a real delight. And my gift to myself was to get digging in the garden - planting a fig trees and some blueberry bushes, and lots of herbs and seeds.

The creek at hot springs:

Vivienne's creation:

My garden goodies:

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Special Day

It was a most special ceremony today, closing the year for Vivienne's sweet school. The children worked so hard to make a final debut of their work - a special project, a collective quilt, an art show... it was wonderful!

It is also a very special day because it is Dad's (Grandpa's) birthday! Blessings to you!!

Friday, May 2, 2008

First of May!

The kids had a wonderful time making bouqets and May day cones for our neighbors. It was a fun way to celebrate by giving to others. (though it took a bit of explaining as to why we don't need to get something in return!) First the girls painted and cut paper to make cones, then we decorated them with ribbons, collected flowers and arranged them.


Finally we went around and delivered them on doorknobs. The girls were a bit shy but giddy with excitement.

The girls' maypole creation:

A beautiful May postcard (by Ruth Elsasser):