Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Adair and the Fairy of Scotland

Adair Sherwood was a lonely lad of twelve years. He was an orphan but had recently been adopted by the Orin family. Sadly, the Orins were not kind people. They had only adopted Adair because they needed a work boy. Every morning at the break of dawn, Adair was awakened by Mrs. Orin. After being fed a small slice of bread with a thin layer of goat cheese, Adair was sent out for the day to do his work. First he fed, watered, and milked the cows, sheep, and goats. Then he fed the chickens and gathered their eggs. After this, Adair collected water from the well and spent the rest of the day harvesting vegetables and hay from the fields.
When Adair finished his work, he headed home ate a baked potato and immediately fell asleep. Little did he know that right outside his window a fairy was hiding. It was called the fairy of Scotland. It danced in the moonlight for hours. Once it had finished its dancing, it snuck into house and nabbed small morsels of food. After this, the fairy crept back to its home in the forest and quickly fell asleep.                           
The next morning, Adair was awakened by cold water splashing over his face. Mrs. Orin stood looming over him a bucket of cold water held in one hand. Adair groaned, rolled out of bed, and got dressed. After Adair had his light breakfast of bread and goat cheese, he headed outdoors. Adair did his usual job of watering, milking, and feeding the cows, sheep, and goats, collecting eggs and water, and harvesting from the fields.
That day Adair finished work early and decided to explore the forest. As Adair walked into the forest he felt the presence of someone or something. It made him feel strangely uncomfortable. He looked around but saw no one. He started to leave the forest but was stopped by a small tinkling voice saying “Hello.” Adair whirled but saw nothing. He decided his mind was probably just playing tricks on him. He began to walk but again was stopped by the small tinkling voice.
This time Adair looked up. Hovering above him was a small creature with wings. But it wasn’t an insect, for it had the face and body of a human. Adair thought he recognized the creature from a story book.  Adair realized that the book had referred to the creature as the Fairy of Scotland. “Are you the fairy of Scotland?” Adair asked. The creature grinned. “That I am, young lad.” The fairy replied. “But I thought you were just a made up fantasy!” Adair said, shocked that he had actually met the fairy of Scotland. The fairy frowned “A made up fantasy!?” The fairy said, its frown growing bigger and bigger with each second that passed. Adair nodded. “That’s what I have been told.” The fairy’s face curved into a sad smile. “Well, I suppose people don’t want to look like fools believing in us, even though they know in their hearts that we are real.” It said. Adair nodded, feeling a bit bad for the fairy. “Well I believe in you!” he said, grinning at the fairy. This seemed to lighten the wee creature’s heart. It smiled happily. “Thank you!” the fairy said. Adair beamed back. “And if you’d like I’ll visit you every single day!” Adair said. “Oh yes!” the fairy replied, doing a dance of joy.
    From that day on, Adair was never lonely, and the fairy was more than overjoyed to have a friend.

             The End     

Written by Vivienne Ankeney, age 11