Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Rose Fairies and Ice Cream Shop Jams

 Vivi took a big step and played a song that she composed, called Blue Moon Jig,  in a public performance. The Hop is an awesome supporter of local talent and host many wonderful events. Did I mention that they have amazing homemade ice cream? My current favorite is their salted caramel, but they have more exotic flavors too.

Vivi jamming with the Sounding Post String Breakers. David and I got to go out and see Vivi's fiddle instructor Natalya Weinstein play her second album debut show, and I was really blown away! The band's name is Red June and the new album is called Beauty Will Come. She in touring for the summer and they sound really great. Check it out.

 And Mia performed in Sleeping Beauty. It was really terrific. She took ballet for the first time this year and loved her class. The ACDT is most inspiring in their artistic performances. Bravo!

The lovely dancer and her bouquet of flowers picked from the garden.

Vivi also had a brilliant class play of the Theft of Thor's Hammer with Ms. Laura's 3/4 grade class. It was hilarious and such fun. This is has really been a busy season, in addition to these shows, Mia had a poetry reading at the ThomasWolf House  with her awesome creative writing class taught byJanet Hurley and a spring concert with the Asheville Symphony Children's Orchestra. It was a wild and crazy finale to a most wonderful and enriching year. Whew, I am grateful for summer to be here!

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