Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Giving Thanks

It is a special time, when we give ourselves permission to savour family and friends, and to hold space in our lives for gratitude. I would like each meal that our family shares to be a bit like Thanksgiving. Sharing gratitude for the food we eat, the love that went into it's growth and preparation, and the relationships that we hold dear to our hearts. I could live without the more-than-ample proportions and butter-laden density of the "feast." But most importantly, I remind myself to give thanks. To the beautiful people who sit before me, to those who live far away, to those who have passed into the spirit world, to all living beings, everywhere. May you be free, may you have peace, may you find your bliss.

In case you are wondering, the first photo was the last slice of my vanilla-spiced caramel and pear tart. It
was really tasty. Another favorite of mine was the whipped sweet potatoes with cardamom.

love & gratitude,emily

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Sara said...

Beautiful sentiments. :)