Monday, April 19, 2010

A Welcome Home

After a beach hiatus with friends, Daddy is home! The kids were so happy to see his return, that they planned a party in his honor. They made paper crowns, cards and decorated the table with fancy plates. They made a fruit salad, picked flowers and wrapped his seat in silks. Jasper wrapped countless tiny gifts of stones, coins and other treasures. They even put on their surfer wear, complete with sunglasses to greet him. Shouldn't every person upon return from a week's vacation be so lucky as he? Welcome home!

I am so happy to see my azaleas and bleeding hearts in blossom right now. And because I find this so funny, here is a photo of SeƱor Jasper with his fresh mint and blueberry smoothie mustache.

Spring Tidings!


momma rae said...

lucky papa!! a vaca and a royal welcome home. that picture is too cute!! ;)

likeschocolate said...

Yummy smoothie! Lovely photo and the dolls below in the last post are just to die for-so cute.