Friday, April 2, 2010

Preparations for Spring

Such a beautiful time of year. All of a sudden, the sun is bursting with energy and warmth! My kids and I noticed that yesterday the daffodils completely opened and the weeping cherry tree went from closed buds to fully opened glory, and in such a short time. I wish I had sat and watched all afternoon to fully witness it!

Our little Easter table is blooming. Today we tried the silk-dye technique from Martha Stewart's site. It was quite fun and interesting to see how the eggs turned out. As busy as life is, I am always so grateful when I make the time to do something special to celebrate the season at hand.

Seeds have been planted. Many seeds are years old, and so I am curious what will come up. Being one of the first warm days of the season, the kids insisted on eating frozen raspberries with cream and running under the sprinkler! Ahhh, I can already feel summer on its way.

Our puppy Sydney is growing big!
Happy Spring!


Catherine said...

Isn't spring the best time of year? I feel full of energy and starting the garden is so invigorating! I love your eggs!

Tan Family said...

I really enjoyed all of your pictures! Good luck with the seeds. Happy Spring. :)

Anonymous said...

Em, Sydney is getting sooo big and soo cute! Wish we could have a big huge easter egg hunt together...but San Fransisco might even top that:)Love you!!

Rick Tan III said...

Thank you for commenting on my posts. Happy Spring to you as well! Daffodils blooming, puppies growing, children playing - blessings as you spring into all your personal, spritual, and creative endeavors. Rick

Emily said...

your puppy is the cutest. :) have a great easter!

x Emily

Nicole Vangen said...

Lovely photos - Happy Spring.