Saturday, July 25, 2009

Treasure hunting

Hardly a day goes by that I don't think about embarking on some sort of treasure hunt. Some days, it is finding new blossoms in the yard or tomatoes on the vine. Sometimes, it means stopping by the thrift store and scoping out books and linens. It could be a treasure hunt at the library for a really fine inspiration, or a new recipe. On occasion it is nothing more than trying to locate the other mate in the plethora of unmatched wonders ( also known as my kids' socks. I DO believe that we have a sock monster in our home.) I love the idea of finding something special, and it brings me great joy to include this sense of adventure into my every day.I thought it would be fun to share some of the latest treasure finds.

My special find today- a vintage Singer sewing machine table and stool, with the sewing machine too! I am still not sure if the machine works, haven't set it up yet.

This is from the preface of the Singer Handbook.

Mia found the last of the raspberries, hidden beneath the leaves.

Vivi's magic potion bottle, her must-have treasure from a neighborhood yard sale

This book is quickly becoming a bedtime favorite for Jasper. It is sweet, funny, and charming. Father Fox's Penny Rhymes by Clyde and Wendy Watson

The first cucumber in our garden

Vivienne's proud moment of harvesting red potatoes from her own garden patch. She dug twice as many, giving half to our neighbors.

A yard sale giveaway bonus

Another beautiful and special book, I had been looking for this in hard cover. Miss Rumphius by Barbara Cooney

A Cypress Knee for creative play, found at the thrift store.

A most delightful book, one that I'd never heard of but love it. The Adventures of Madalene and Louisa from the album of L and M. S. Pasley Victorian Entomologists

My garden treasure- heirloom green stripy tomatoes. YUM!

Here is my weekly find-the-missing-sock game. Do you see the match hidden in there?

What sort of treasures make you smile?


Catherine said...

So much beauty! I love your blog!
Harvesting mushroom in the woods with the girls today made me feel like a little girl myself! And sure made me smile!

Linda said...

I just love treasure hunting too! Your sewing machine table and chair is just Beautiful! So are all your other treasures too, and yes we also have a sock monster in our house, sometimes whole pairs go missing, but mostly only one...

We also love Miss Rumphius by Barbaba Cooney, it is a favourite.

Thanks for mentioning the other book titles, I will certainly go searching for them, they look wonderful.

Your blog, as always, is precious, thank you...

natsumi said...

What great treasures! I love the vintage sewing machine!! Beautiful! It reminds me of the sewing machine my mother used to have. oxox

The Renni said...

we also have a sock monster, I'm sure, but we solve that problem by never matching socks and just leaving them in big handfuls... which is probably why Emma hasn't worn a matched set of socks in months! We also love treasure hunts: veggies in the garden, special finds at a thrift store and even "lost" things in our house that are recovered in a big clean. Haven't had a score as big as your sewing machine table in a long time.

jane said...

you do have fun, don´t you! happy hunting!

gardenmama said...

oh wow : ) I think we must be very similar! I have many "treasure" posts on my blog both found in nature and at the thrift store! It looks like you have a beautiful home filled with warmth! I am happy to have found your blog it feels like a very 'whole' place to visit.