Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Kitchen Magic

Today was one of those glorious, creative days for the family. Hands were busy, and kids were happy despite the rain showers. Our kitchen adventures actually began yesterday when my sister called and told me all about her delicious soft pretzel recipe, from Mollie Katzen's Honest Pretzels. Amazingly, we had the necessary ingredients, even though I desperately needed to grocery shop. Vivienne decided that she wanted to make a pizza with some of the dough. Instead of tomato sauce(of which we lacked), she decided to top it with a dollop of salsa and shredded cheese. It was interesting, and the kids loved it. I preferred the warm pretzels fresh from the oven, dipped in honey-mustard.

Looking into our bare cupboards, I decided that instead of shopping, I would rely on the garden for lunch offerings. Vivienne and I made tomato and basil soup. It was delicious and simple. I sauteed carrot and onion, then added a bunch of chopped tomatoes ( I didn't bother to peel them), some freshly chopped basil and cooked until the tomatoes were soft and
then added some fresh chicken stock, seasoned and garnished with fresh parsley.

Today , Mia and her friend, Lainee, baked banana muffins together. Mia thought of adding chocolate chips, which of course, was delicious! We ate roasted beets with anise hyssop and parsley, fresh cucumber sandwiches, and brewed peppermint tea with lavender and honey. Mia picked some lovely rainbow Swiss Chard for dinner.

The girls also needle felted dolls, made friendship bracelets and attempted origami lanterns.

They gave up on the lanterns and I got hooked. Vivienne enjoyed playing with Ginger bunny, and learned to use a braid star while listening to fairy tales read over the phone by Grandma. Hearing stories by phone is a favorite way to stay connected to the Grandmothers. Jasper played "Go Fish" with Vivienne and then joined in the kitchen fun. They ran and danced around in the rain shower, full of merriment.

A day of happy hands and hearts, it is everything that I love about summer.


Tan Family said...

Oh, the braid star looks like kumihimo...what fun! The chard is lovely. What nourishing food. Our kids would get along great together with all of the origami, needlefelting and baking going on! Wonderful post.

gardenmama said...

I really enjoyed reading about your day, your photos and descriptions are so wholesome and fresh! These are the type of things that are close to my families heart too : ) I had no idea Mollie had childrens cook books! I have Moosewood and Enchanted Broccoli Forest you have inspired me to see if I have on hand pretzel ingredients yum!! : )

Catherine said...

So much inspiration! I love the food ideas. We have the same things ready in our garden. I'll give your recipes a try! Truly a beautiful day!

Cate said...

i love mollie katzen, and i love hearing about what you and your fam were up to. that rainbow chard is absolutely gorgeous. mmmmm

christine ~ ourdayourjourney said...

I really enjoy your blog. I think I have anise hyssop in our perennial garden. I did not know you could cook with it. Thanks for sharing!

;) said...

Invitation for happiness !