Friday, October 17, 2008

Shades of Red

Something about the color red has me energized today. My red clogs gave an extra kick to my step, though I could have easily stayed in and read a book under the covers all day, given the chance! I love the reds of autumn. The sky is tinged pink as I write, giving a new hue to everything below. Perhaps it is all the glorious leaves we have been collecting, or the apples we are harvesting, or my new-to-me thrift store clogs! Here's to the passion that red inspires...

Red in Autumn
by Elizabeth Gould

Tippery-toes, the smallest elf,
Sat on a mushroom, by himself.
Playing a little tinkling tune
Under the big round harvest moon;
And this is the song that Tippery made
To sing to the little tune he played.

"Red are the hips, red are the haws,
Red and gold are the leaves that fall,
Red are the poppies in the corn,
Red berries on the rowan tall;
Red is the big round harvest moon,
And red are my new little dancing shoon."

Little red leaves are glad today
For the wind is blowing them off and away.
They're flying here, they're flying there,
Little red leaves, you're everwhere!

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Anonymous said...

beautiful photos emily! and i love the poem - will share with my girls.