Saturday, October 11, 2008


One of the brown bears at the Nature Center really did plant a seed of adventure in my kids today. Just look at this determination to climb! I imagine the bear feeling a real stirring in his heart to stretch the boundaries of his confining home, amid the masses of visitors. He was nearly at the level of the passer-by's, looking to reach higher and higher branches. Then my kids were scouting out trees and branches, they couldn't get enough! If you are interested in an article on how young children learn by imitation, Rahima Baldwin Dancy, author of You Are Your Child's First Teacher, sums it up beautifully.

Taking photos seems to inspire my outlook to shift. What can I appreciate today? Just looking around at the beauty of nature, or my children's faces, I feel humbled. It really does quite my mind, when I am caught up in the more exhausting moments.
~Just look at these elegant eggplants fresh from the garden~
Speaking of fine food, I have been baking for tomorrow's book club. Pumpkin cake with sage icecream and pumpkin cherry compote, doesn't that sound delicious? Thank goodness for these monthly gatherings, where would my brain be without the motivation for reading such a range of books? But I must confess, it is more about the superb food and comradery for me! (particularly, ahem, when I have not finished my reading...)

We also got inspired by attending a Suzuki violin recital, in which our friends, Lily and Claire, were playing. I am always moved by the musical talents of children. The songs brought me back to my own childhood, listening to my sister, Amy. Vivienne was especially drawn to the violin, and seems to want to learn for herself. I have such a longing for musical ability, and yet I am short on the natural inclination and the time. It would be a wonderful thing to see my children striving for musical self expression.

~pre-recital play at the bird sanctuary~

~more Nature Center festivities~ watching cloggers~

~getting face paint~

And here is the sweet table setting that I came downstairs to this afternoon, when Mia and I had a few quiet hours together. So many everyday blessings.

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