Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New Journey Ahead

It is official, we are home schooling this year! I am excited for the adventures ahead for my family. It is an uncharted territory for me, and I hope that by holding my best intentions and being present every day, that I can be the best teacher and role model for my children. Vivienne returns to her beloved "yome school" co-op and Mia will work on grade four with me at home.

jasper's lovely "work" during mia's main lesson block

Tuesday was our official start day. We began with simple objectives and I think that it went well enough. It will require some effort to unravel the idea that "school equals boring" and bring the love of learning back in focus. I see this as being one of my biggest challenges. I feel so grateful to get the to opportuntiy to slow down the hurried passage of childhood and I hope that some day my kids will see this as a special gift which gave them the space to stay true to their authentic selves. I am appreciative for the many resources for following the Waldorf curriculum. Between the structure of following a Steiner inspired rhythm and space for freedom of following personal interests in the unschooling tradition, I think that we will have a fine, eclectic year at home!

We started with mapmaking and discussing local geography last week, and this week we will look at the local Cherokee culture and history. I have found some wonderful resources on Western North Carolina, and look forward to continuing our exploration. Mia and I are learning to play the recorder together, which has been really fun.


Wendy said...

Wishing you lots of luck! I'm sure it will turn out very well. The best part of homeschooling is learning IS fun - not simply the business of filling children's minds with information.

Have a fabulous year!

Crescent Moon said...

It sounds like you're off to a great start! We home school and I enjoy the fact that I'm learning new things right along with my son.

Lily Boot said...

this sounds so magical! I often wish that we had chosen this path - to learn together is so enriching. I wish you well for the year and look forward to watching your progress :-)

Cate said...

oh, i cannot wait to follow along. i'm seriously considering homeschooling both of my kids... so your journey will have a follower for sure here. best wishes for the year ahead.