Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A New Friend

A feline friend. I heard her mewing in the street beyond our gate, as I returned from a beautiful evening kirtan. She came up happily leaning into my legs for a back rub, her scrawny little body longing for human contact.The kids were so happy for meeting her. We fed her and petted her. She has beautiful sparkling green eyes and a shiny black coat of fur.
Unfortunately, I am so allergic to cats that I could not think to keep her. She was without a collar, and we decided to offer her food and shelter on our porch, and if she stayed close, we would find a home for her. She dutifully offered a dead vole and several crickets this morning, so proud of her prowess. Since this morning, she has not returned. I know of a few cat loving people in the neighborhood, I imagine that she is being fed and attended to near-by. But we wait in the quiet of the evening to listen for her voice, to call her in and give her attention. I would like to help place her in a rescue if she continues to roam the streets.

Vivienne called her Skinny, and loves her so deeply. She reminds me of some of our favorite cat characters from books. Slinky Malinki is a darling mischievous black cat, just like our Skinny. And Jenny Linksy (and the Cat Club )series by Esther Avril are another family favorite about a little black cat and her friends.

We wish that you could stay with us, sweet little Skinny cat.


Rick Tan III said...

Somthing about stray cats tug at heartstrings. My mom kept three generations of stray cats in her garage -caring for them, loving them, respecting their wildness. We love their cuteness!

Sherry O said...

She looks like a mama kitty! She's probably looking for food, then heading back to her kittens. I could be wrong, but in the last picture, she gives that impression! I probably wouldn't resuce her too soon. She's sweet. It's tough having pet allergies.

onegoldensun said...

Thank you for your comments. Sherry, I agree that it is better to wait to relocate her. She has not been back for a few days, so I hope that she is okay. She did look like a mama to me, but at the same time she is so skinny and petite. But I also had the same intuition about her. I hope she comes back to visit, at least she knows where to get food if she needs it. I sensed that she was a smart, instinctual cat. Rick, my family also grew up with many wonderful stray animals. I became allergic to cats when I left for college and was no longer exposed to them.

;) said...

Sweet story... reminds me all the lost cats I had when I was a child... And a really beautiful little girl ;)

Skinny... ggrrr for the allergy !!!

hope said...

Isn't it strange how many beautiful black cats there are in our neighborhood? We have seen at least three of Myrna's "doppelgangers" in the past few weeks. I tell the kids that this is why we have such an amazing neighborhood Halloween party every year!

ZenCrafter said...

The cat is so beautiful! I love Slinky Malinki!