Saturday, September 27, 2008

Michaelmas Festivities

Michaelmas is a time for recognizing the inner struggles of light and shadow, as illustrated by the stories of St. George slaying the dragon. Or, as in the version of the beautiful play we watched, the dragon is spared with a promise to do no more harm. It was beautifully captured with the tale dictated, as the actor's gestures filled the words with meaning. The strength in the iron sword, made of light of the stars, seemed to me, to represent the light in ourselves, which give us the fortitude to see through the dark nights of the soul, those times of dismay and fear. The light of our hearts keep us strong through the waning of the year, as the days grow shorter and darker. We learn to keep faith, believe in good, and find inner strength to move forward. It was wonderful to watch my girls take in the gestures and words of the play, and see their faces light up in delight. And to complete the festivities we shared a potluck feast, fit for kings and queens!

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