Thursday, December 27, 2007

Twelve Days of Christmas

Here we are once again, at the still of the season. I am taking pleasure in the quiet of the twelve days of Christmas. No more hurry-burrying about, now is the time to knit and read, sit by the fireside, enjoying family time together. We even managed to get a sprinkling of snow on Christmas day - just enough for a teeny tiny snowman in the back yard. The girls were very proud of their work. We still have many projects to savor ~ making felt snowman ornaments from our lovely peace fleece kit, baking and decorating gingerbread trees, glitter cards and sock puppets (thanks to our sweet neighbor for giving these kits to my girls). I will be a bit sad to send Mia back to school when our week is done. I miss her presence at home, the creativity flowing from her in a flurry of paper, glue, bits and pieces of all sorts.

New Year's Day Walnut boats

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