Monday, February 23, 2009

February Blooms

Not much is blooming outside just yet , but Vivi has been hard at work making spring indoors. I love that shade of purple, it reminds me of a crocus.

She walked me through the steps to making a beautiful, happy flower.

And as soon as she was finished she ran off to the garden to pick an aromatic bundle of fresh herbs. It seems that more than one of us has spring fever!

can't you just smell the fresh sage and rosemary?

Vivi is prolific when she is on a roll. She is completely self-directed and self-sufficient in her creativity. Next project she did today was a button tree, which she found in a library book called Crafts for All Seasons by Kathy Ross.

And the most recent project for today, Vivi made a bride and groom from craft sticks. They are so charming. The bride has tiny flowers in her wool yarn hair, and a dress made from a doily. I feel so inspired by her whirlwind of craft making!

And the latest news from my busy six-year-old pixie? She pulled her own tooth out! She had it tied to the doorknob with floss, and out it came. This girl is fearless! Three cheers for the Vivienne! The tooth fairy visits tonight!

I have been keeping busy knitting my Peace Fleece scarf. The colors are just what I need. It is an unusual scarf pattern, knit lengthwise in garter stitch with rolled edges. I am half-way there. I am getting better about completing projects that I start. The next thing on my list is to work on my nature table, and update the one in Vivi's classroom. I am thinking it will be a scene of Mother Earth and the root children, inspired by the Siblylle Von Olfers story.

And my last bit of bloom that arrived in the mail from etsy today. The sunny orange is just what I need for a little extra late-winter good cheer!

wishing you bright, blooming winter days...


brown robin said...

What lovely fun! Cheers to your six year old for her creative vitality! I love it. I love the new fabric too. Winter is slowly shifting towards March. We're getting there! Can't wait for spring, can you?

Anne said...

I never knew the floss/door knob thing actually worked! way to go Vivi! The fabric on your new pillow is so pretty - I have a client who wants me to make her a dress out of that exact fabric!

flo said...

Whoa, she is fearless, alright!

Thanks for the etsy link. The pillow looks lovely.

Tan Family said...

Gorgeous pictures! We have nominated you for the Lemonade Award for inspiring us, every day. Thank you, so much!

For more information on this, go to our blog: We'd love for you to follow our blog, too! :)


Lisa said...

Wow, I can't believe your little one pulled out her own tooth!!! What bravery! Your blog is so lovely.