Sunday, March 1, 2009

Peace, Love and Cake

My sweet Mia... she has turned nine years old this year! And what a sweet birthday party she had. She wanted it to be about Peace. It was the perfect occasion for playing my favorite Beatles album! I remember listening to Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band on vinyl from my dad's music collection when I was a kid.

These doves remind me of Mia's Montessori preschool. They had a peace corner where when a child did something thoughtful for another person, they were invited to put a decoration on the peace tree.

I made a triple layer white chocolate lemon cake. That bright yellow peace sign is piped from fresh lemon curd, yummmm. It was tasty!

Last piece of peace cake...

For a craft, Mia came up with the idea of making peace jars. Inside, you write words of inspiration on small slips of paper, and then add little pretty things like flower petals and confetti, and decorate the jar. It can be added to and visited for moments when you need inspiration. Variations of this would be to make a wishing jar, or a dream jar (for reassuring thoughts before bedtime), or a gratitude jar.

sweet little notes inside...

The girls had a blast playing a drama game. They split into two groups, and were given five household objects in a bag, and had to make a short play using those props. It was such fun! Even the quietest of children were squealing with laughter, shouting lines and running around. Their shows reminded me of slap stick comedy like The Three Stooges (just a touch less violent!) Play number one was called "Wake Up!..." and the second was "The Pirate Princess, the Pizza Delivery Man and the Dinosaur, A Love Story" Hilarious, really! Thanks to Daddy for suggesting the concept!

And we barely had enough time to start the jewelry making project. I put together glass beads and cute little dove charms to make bracelets.

Here is Vivienne's completed bracelet~

We put yummy chocolate earth balls in their tiny little favor bags. Oops, someone already ate all the earth balls... they were really cute. Chocolate goes quickly around here.

And I have to share the beautiful little wool doll that Mia's friend, Lily, made for her. Isn't she sweet?

This marks the finale for the birthday season in our house! (mine isn't until July, thank goodness...) Hooray for the birthday girl! I am so proud of my dear daughter.

Wishing you thoughts of peace, love and sweetness


Aunty Jude said...

Ah, DEAREST Mia, your Aunt Jude has seen you at your party of peace and you have my loving HAPPY NEW YEAR wishes.
God has given you an inner peace that blesses me whenever we are together. I wish that were more often!
Please think about the way that I say Happy Birthday, because each year is a gift that we unwrap day by day!
I love you and it gives me great joy to ask you to give my love to your vivacious sister Viv, your big boy brother Jasper AND to your dear Daddy David and your faithful friend (and Mother), Emily! jude and Jesus

dottyspots said...

Belated Happy Birthday to her :0)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Mia!! Love the peace theme, it came together beautifully. Emily the cake looked divine, wish I could've tasted that last piece! Now you can take a deep breathe until the next birthday season!!!