Monday, March 23, 2009

Trip to the Sea Shore

What a rare treat it is to travel to the coast for a long weekend. We got to tag along with David on his business trip. I loved taking in the fresh ocean air and dipping my toes in the cool ocean water. The kids braved the cold and frollicked in the waves for hours. Jasper was "surfing" as he stood on top of his boogie board in the foaming edge and looked on toward the real surfers in their full suits. He caught the gentle rise of water and held steady as it passed beneath his feet. Mia and Vivi loved hunting for seashells and made friends with other little girls, jumping waves and holding hands together. Day two was windy and much cooler, so we played in the (somewhat) warmer waters of the pool and flew kites at sunset.

~ with gratitude for sandy toes and brilliant sunsets~


Tan Family said...

What beautiful, blissful pictures! Thank you for sharing them.

misty said...

your photos are wonderful, so full of life and happy! just looking through what you have shared here i feel so much love and joy radiating out.