Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lions and Tigers and Bears...Oh My!

Here is part two of our family weekend. We stopped by the Columbia Zoo on the route home. It was our first time there, and the kids enjoyed their adventures. Favorite things were the lovely carousel and souvenir zoo coins (you put a penny in, turn the crank and out comes a zoo coin). Jasper loved the little train and seeing the alligator. I enjoyed the spring blooms, a few weeks ahead of spring in the Mountains. Redbuds were open, dogwood blossoms, tulips...

We picked up sanwiches and cookies at the Cloud Nine Market and had a picnic. Vivi and Jasper were pretending to be root children.

~round and round they go~

~enjoying the turning of season~

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Liz said...

Great photos. Love the carousel ones. Looks like your trip was fabulous. We are headed to teh beach in a few weeks and much looking forward to the break!