Friday, February 20, 2009

Still winter...

artwork by Marjan van Zeyl

I feel like an old bear, still in hibernation. On the one hand, I like the cozy dormant life. I feel that a lot of good seeds of thought begin in the duldrums of winter. And yet, I feel so eager for life flow to burst forth and carry me into the days of lengthy sunshine. I want to feel the earth in my hands, to take in all the is green. I love how lush it gets when the rain comes and wakes up the plant world. It is heavenly compared to the dry barren silence of winter without snow.

Here I find a glimpse of spring.

In order to refresh my inner life, I decided to work on a little corner of our home, and breathe a little energy into it. I moved the play kitchen into the real kitchen, and tidied up the shelves, organized the pantry of felted food and little tins, wooden plates and mini tart pans. This sweet little play space has been neglected for months, and I didn't really understand why it had fallen out of favor. But my, how it got noticed again after I gave some love to it! The kids flocked the little area and started playing up a storm! I am so glad that the little Salvation Army stove and sink are being loved once again.

Vivienne had the same idea, and worked diligently to start an early spring nature table.

Jasper's artwork (with a little help from sisters)

Why complain? I have plenty of work to do, plenty of projects to complete before I want to spend every spare minute outdoors. I love wearing my cozy slippers and sipping cups of tea. Spring will be here soon enough.

still the season for knitting!

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Small Footprints said...

What a lovely play kitchen! It is so bright and beautiful with the sun shining in and plants in the windows. I can see why your kids love playing there.

I love all the seasons and, for some reason, have been just fascinated with winter in Asheville this year. It seems that I can see so much with the leaves removed ... little hidden places that I couldn't see before. It's like magic ... I love it!

Take care ... and enjoy your "almost spring" day!

Small Footprints