Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Snow Day

Well, this was a day that we have been waiting for... it snowed! And though it wasn't much by most standards, it qualified as real snow for us. You may be wondering what qualifies snow as real, so allow me to explain! According to Vivienne, you have to be able to sled on it, it has to stay the whole day, and it has to make that nice crunchy sound under your feet.

One of the reasons that we have been waiting for a real snow is so that we could enjoy our family tradition of baking apples on the first real snow. We almost baked the apples a few flurries prior, but it was worth our wait. Our friend, Abby, joined us for warm apples and fireside stories. She is a children's librarian and the kids love when she visits!

We had a fun day of sledding and sipping cocoa with the neighborhood kids, and then came home to find ourselves locked out of the house. So, our lovely neighborhood friends welcomed us in and shared lunch while we waited for Papa to get home. Many thanks, Allison and Scott! It worked out to be a happy accident of sorts, the kind of day that kids love... spontaneous, full of friends and fun, and (hot) chocolate. That is my idea of a good day, too.

Can you believe that today it was in the teens with the wind chill and yet, in three days the forcast is calling for 60 degree (F) high? Crazy weather in these parts!

And as always my kids are impressing me with their busy hands. Vivi and Mia have both been working on presents for Jasper's birthday. They can't stand to wait, and so every day he has been showered with gifts. Today, Vivi made him a little stocking cap out of a fabric scrap. She appliqued a heart and wrote "I Love" on it...

We sure do love this little honey boy...I can't believe that he is soon to turn three!


Caroline said...

What a cute photo of your son. Good luck with the birthday party and banana cake!

Anne said...

your day sounds much like ours. I embraced the day and enjoyed it, but I just checked and school is closed again tomorrow! We're going to be going to school into July! what am I going to do with the kids???