Monday, February 9, 2009

Monkeying Around

We had fun with the monkey theme for Jasper's party. What started it was finding this cute little party kit from Martha Stewart on sale. I don't like to go crazy with a particular thing, but it is fun as a starting point. He was so very grateful to have a real party that was all about him! It was very cute.

Since monkeys and bananas seem to go hand in hand, I made this heavenly banana cake from this awesome food blog. I doubled the recipe which made a little more than three dozen cupcakes. Yummmm. They were light and delicious. Thank you, Caroline!

The girls helped me to make up some goodie bags. We made a batch of vanilla scented yellow play dough with a bit of glitter mixed in. I found a few healthy treats, pin wheels, and rainbow colored pencils with cute little monkey toppers. The one year old guest got a felt ball with a monkey face that I had fun making.

The kids were having such fun playing outside in the gorgeous 60+ degree weather (Yes, in early February!) that I didn't need to have any activities other than eating cake and playing pin the parrot on the pirate. Nothing to do with monkeys but I couldn't resist!

This cute little monkey travelled all the way from Denmark. It was crafted by Cuddlet, this etsy seller. I love the way it looks and the fact that someone made it by hand.

Another favorite birthday find came from a this etsy shop, Olliekate. They are two lovely local mamas who also have a wonderful blog! Jasper is hopefully soon to get his own bedroom, and this pillow will look so cute on his big boy bed. Even the reverse side is gorgeous. For now, it is staying in the living room where I can enjoy it!

And one of my favorite books for Jasper is called Too Big by Ingri and Edgar D'Aulaire. The illustrations are beautiful.

Yes, my boy really is a monkey! Check out his tail. :)

There is so much to be grateful for! Jasper's Grammy and Granddaddy and even his Uncle John and cousins came five hours to attend the party. It was one special day for a sweet little monkey.

May all your pin wheel wishes come true...


Homeopath said...

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Liz said...

Oh! How sweet and I especially love the tail. That is adorable. Monkeys are such a fun theme for a little one! Glad he liked his pillow too. We are happy to know it is in a good home!

dottyspots said...

Oh wow! That looks so wonderful!

Belated Happy Birthday to your little man :0)