Sunday, February 1, 2009

(Im)patience with Winter

To have patience, I have decided is the inner lesson for today. Patience for Grandmother Winter to go and wake up those root children. I am ready for spring! We have not had much snow this year, and the dullness of this time before spring is getting to me. I am ready for spring cleaning, shaking all the dust bunnies out in the fresh air, wearing t-shirts and lightweight skirts, putting away the heavy wools and getting my hands in the dirt. There is so much I would like to be doing in the garden! Day by day I am noticing the little addition of sunlight, and I know that in good time, the season will shift! I just need to savour these days of sipping tea, knitting by the fireside, baking birthday cakes and cupcakes, and morning snuggles with my children under a big wool duvet. Hmmmm, I guess I like winter after all. I just needed to remind myself why.

my little gnome- this cozy sweater has been worn by each of my children!

Another good reason to love winter... you can wear awesome, cozy mismatched knitted socks !

You can get silly with static electricity:

And spend time building homesteads for the small folk

Or have fun drawing with family. The first picture is mine, a doodle that became a story in itself. And the second picture is Vivienne's version (which I like even better!)

Mia's puppy found a nice hang out in the weeping cherry tree

What are you doing with your winter days?


Liz said...

I completely agree with you. January always gets to me, but the nice weather today surely helped renew my spirits. I remind myself that winter is a time we are home more, without soccer games, weekend excursions, and busyness that warm weather can generate. So I enjoy having my kids closer to me at this time. When the play is indoors and the cleaning can wait! And how I love to see them in their footy pajamas :)

Linda said...

It sounds so wonderful over there with the talk of snow... We are so hot down here in South Africa, but I can also see that the days are changing and becoming shorter down here. Those socks are too sweet!

brown robin said...

Wow!!! I'm so excited... I've just found you from your comment back at the first of Jan. I'm so glad too. Then I come here to comment, and there's Liz. What a small world. I've been knitting up a storm lately, trying to remain content drinking tea, planning the garden. It is no easy task, this waiting! The kids, though, I think, need spring even more than me. Our tiny house is busting at the seams. Thanks for commenting so that I could find my way to you. I'll be back. You have a lovely blog... it appears more like I'd like mine to be with all the flower pics... and those strawberries. I heard that it's snowing in Chattanooga this very minute, so here we go with winter again. It's coming back...

Celandine said...

Hello! Thanks for visiting Buttercup Corner. Your blog is beautiful! Your photographs in particular are truly lovely. I like the flowers along the side. I will be back again for a longer visit. Thanks for sharing.