Friday, December 26, 2008

Sweet family time

We have had a very peaceful Christmas. The children woke up early to creep downstairs and see what surprises lay under the tree. Jasper was especially cute, asking only that Santa bring him a lollipop. What a sweet satisfaction he had to find one peering out of his stocking on Christmas morning.

~Vivi, the other reindeer~

the Christmas breakfast table ~

Today is a lovely, restful day. The weather is mild and gray, and we are happily nestled in the house, sipping tea and playing board games. Grandma got into town last night, all the way from Oregon. The kids were thrilled to wake up early and climb into her bed to visit.
It is puppy love around here, each child has a very favorite snuggle puppy, in lieu of the request for a real dog. Some day in the future we will get a dog, but for now, a fluffy play friend is just the ticket.

Mia asked that they go on a trash pick-up walk in the neighborhood, and that is just what they are off doing with Grandma. I love that there is joy in good deeds for a child, it comes naturally to them.

Here are a few things that showed up this Christmas

And here is the snow we all dream of! My sister, Amy, took this gorgeous photo on her daily walk in Hood River, Oregon. Ahhh, we are all mesmerized by it's shiny white loveliness! Vivienne says that she wishes she could jump right into the picture.
And to add to the envy, here is Amy, Augustine and Christian's new real puppy, Choco...

With wishes for falling snow, candy canes, hot cocoa, puppy kisses and cozy warmth by fireside...


dottyspos said...

The gnome is wonderful!

We have a dog, but my daughter really wants us to get a *little* dog (she had a toy spaniel as part of her presents, I don't know whether I'd manage with another dog on top of the big slobbery mutt we have already).

Carrie said...

I just found your blog and was so enchanted I started to peruse your archives! Please oh please tell me,where did you find those delightful dollhouse dolls? Thank you for your beautiful blog,I added it to my favorites!