Saturday, December 27, 2008

Peaceful home

Today has been quiet and enjoyable. The kids spent hours outside playing in the back yard with Grandma. It was another balmy winter's day - the upper 50's .We all worked to tidy up the house this morning, which felt really good!

I picked up my neglected knitting needles and started another pair of fingerless gloves. I love the new Lambs Pride variegated color yarns.

The kids (adults, too) are really into a new game in our house, called Wildcraft. It is a cooperative board game that teaches about edible and medicinal plants. It is really fun and gives a good starting point to learning about herbs. Along with my new favorite book, Growing 101 Herbs That Heal, and the huge stack of library books on herb gardens, I am on my way to dreaming up this year's additions to the garden.

Grandma is knitting, too. She's working on a sweater for Grandpa.

And my other creation today was a soba noodle soup. Yummm. The kids seemed to really enjoy it. It is a nice departure from their recent diet of Christmas cookies, cocoa, egg nog and candy canes. (smiles) I still want to make peppermint bark and more gingerbread, I can't get enough!

Can you believe how giant our Ginger bunny is now? Look here to see her when she was a baby.

Mia's Christmas star~

In gratitude for the little things,


Demoiselle Libellule said...

Yummy! So many delicious cakes! It's so beautiful to see how you and your family are living a creative (Waldorf inspired) daily routine!
May I safe your link on my blog list?

onegoldensun said...

Demoiselle Libellule,

Thank you for the kind comments! I would be honored to be on your blog list.