Saturday, December 13, 2008

Advent Spiral

A photo cannot capture the leap of joy that my heart made when I walked into the space of the advent spiral. I smelled the sweet evergreen, as fresh and strong as in my childhood.
Quietly, a large crowd of thirty or more young children and parents filed into the room. Vivid notes played from a violin, as little feet shuffled along to find a seat along the outer edges of the room. The lights dimmed, the roomed hushed, and a woman cloaked in white glided in.
With a candle in hand, she brought a flickering light to the very heart of the advent spiral. She slowly meandered through the path, leading the way for others to follow.
One by one, children came up with bright wonder in their eyes, and took a candle set in an apple to the center of the spiral to light. As they wandered back out, they found a star along the path to place their apple on and proceeded back to their seat.
The room was silent, one by one the candles were laid and flickered in unison. A hum of Christmas carol began, and filled the room with soft song. Tears welled in the eyes of many, with rememberance, love and gratitude. It brought back every Christmas of my childhood, sitting with deep reverance before candlelight, on the tree or the advent candle.
I am so very pleased to bring this new tradition to my family, and to share it as a community. I send my heart felt thanks to all of those who organized this special event.
On a related note, there is an interesting new book available from Lynn Jericho, who also writes messages for each of the twelve days of Christmas on her website called Inner Christmas. I love her way of deepening the message of the season, from a social and sensual experience to deeply personal and sacred inward journey.

~light by candle at advent (last year)~

~lights on the Christmas tree~

In the warmth of golden light, may blessings unfold ...

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Sarah said...

I enjoyed seeing pictures of your advent spiral. My children have outgrown it, but I haven't!