Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Hurry, hurry...relax!

I have been in the hustle bustle of life, just waiting for the space to breathe, and relax and enjoy. It is an important time of year to quiet the busy mind and body, and to go deeper into the self. Finally, I am feeling a little window and I am so grateful. I still have a running list of to do's but somehow, I feel the necessity to slow down.
One thing that I have done for myself this season, is to attend a wonderful Eurythmy workshop with Elizabeth Gilbert. It has deepened my understanding of Eurythmy and it's significance as a form of prayer or meditation. I learned about the correlation between the zodiac calendar and the twelve days of Christmas. Each day can be seen as representing a particular month and bringing a reflection of the year ahead.
~Here is a beeswax angel ornament the girls helped to make last year (I think we will be making more of these)

We have been celebrating advent, in the tradition of my mother's German heritage. It is a beautiful and sacred time for our family, to sing and celebrate in the light of the advent wreath candles. We share cups of tea and German cookies.

The beautiful tree-topper angel my mother made years ago~

Each morning they wake up early to check their advent stocking to find a small ornament or treat. I love to watch them and share in their wonder and joy.

The children had a blast at the east library's gingerbread making event. It was fun to see their eyes grow big as they went through the candy buffet, chosing their decorations!

Saint Nicholas also paid a special visit, bringing a sack of nuts and oranges, a few sweets and winter long johns for the children. He was also very generous in bringing our Christmas tree to the doorstep.

A few books that we are enjoying now include A Light in the Lantern, Christmas Stories Together and The Christmas Cat.
I had the honor of sharing the story The Tomten and making little tomtens (or tomte) in Vivienne's Kindergarten class a few weeks ago. The children were delighted to sew the little figures and stuff them with sheep's wool. They were so proud of their work!
~Vivienne's creation~

I am ready to sip my tea, and look ahead to Christmas baking, making ornaments and gifts (Jasper has requested a green knitted scarf) and holding my loved ones, my friends and those who are suffering, in my heart. And give thanks for the inner light that shines in all of us.

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Beautiful blog you have here! I love the pics and the inspiring stories. thanks a lot for dropping by my blog :)