Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Festive Season

Here we are on the day of Christmas Eve! We had a lovely early Christmas with Grammy and Grandaddy, and started with our preparations. Many, many things left to do, but I am trying to give myself the opportunity to slow down and enjoy this process. My Christmas cards can be late (my apologies, folks...) and I can continue the baking and merry-making for the twelve days of Christmas.

Vivienne has been most hard at work, making present for everyone, and collecting special finds around the house to wrap and give away.We had carolers come to our door a few days ago, and how sweet it was to have a joyful pack of neighbors singing their hearts out to us.

Grammy and Grandaddy shared a special meal, beautifully prepared by David. His talent in the kitchen is impressive, to say the least. David has a unique ability to make a feast from the simplest ingredients. We also enjoyed using the fine china passed down to us from Great Grammy Marni, in her memory.
Grammy also helped the kids to make their own cinnamon ornaments, which smelled delicious as they dried in the oven. The recipe comes from Martha Stewart. Instead of making birds this year, they used an assortment of cookie cutter shapes.

And here are the finished ornaments~

Pogo sticks! The girls love them! Thanks, Grammy and Granddaddy!

Mia's Snowman made from Kapla blocks - these are super.

~Jasper's tower - I think these blocks will be a family favorite for a long time to come.
Today we brought out the lovely stockings and hope Santa will fill them tonight! Vivienne is holding my stocking, made by my Aunt Petra when I was a little girl.It is HUGE, the kids are all very envious.


Our hearts go out to our dear friends, Jazlyn and Tazdyn,whose father died in a car accident yesterday. Please light a candle and take a moment to send your thoughts and prayers for Elaine and her children.

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dottyspots said...

I hope you are having a wonderful time over the festive season. The cookies look wonderful (we've been having lots of fun making and decorating them too, plus some marzipan).

All the best for the New Year.