Monday, May 17, 2010

Springing Forth

Ahhh, spring into summer! Such an enlivening and expansive time! I can hardly keep myself seated long enough to upload photos or check e-mail. The garden has been my passion lately, and the girls are having end-of the-year activities which run us to and fro all month long, it seems!

So many things have been happening, it has been hard to keep up. Mia was a winner of the first annual Blue Ridge Parkway poetry contest and got to read her poem at the opening night of Wordfest. It was quite a wonderful experience for her.

A Quiet Place in the Woods
I lie among the deer and hear them speak.
They speak of their dappled fawns and of their
special place where golden leaves fall
In the shadows of the forest.

I whisper back to tell them of my secret nook
That lies beneath the trees
Where acorns fall and crows call,
In the soft pale sunlight.

~Mia , age 10

Jasper wearing the "lost boys" tunic that Vivienne made for him

Vivienne's finger knitted sandals. She made them out of my old Dankso insoles, my beloved garden shoes finally crumbled apart!


Grandma's last day visiting from Portland, Oregon.

And Grandma's famous Mocha Torte! (Thanks, Mom!)


momma rae said...

oh my goodness!! what a beautiful poem! go mia!!

my jasper kept asking me today if mia is going to be at the may faire. we really don't know another mia so it must be yours! i was surprised, but she is pretty magical. he said *me really miss her*.

Naturalearthfarm said...

Such a great poem! Congratulations!

Also, we are so enjoying the gardening and the beautiful weather here.

If you have a moment, there is a giveaway on my blog from the Waldorf Connection.
Warm wishes, Tonya

likeschocolate said...

I wish I could have a piece of that cake. How wonderful to be able to visit. Have a great week.

Anonymous said...

10? She's just 10 and already that aware??!! Really, she has her way with words I must say. Very very good Mia!!

I can remember the delicious cookies a few posts ago, and now this mouth watering Mocha Torte! Well, you have an amazing family. That is all I can say.