Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Finishing Grade One

Vivienne had her last day at the Dancing Springs Farm Co-op. What a beautiful year. The last part of the year included some wonderful teachers. Todd Crowe, the esteemed Waldorf-trained teacher, Alan Muscat, AKA the mushroom guy (among many areas of expertise) and mama Chama, who created the amazing end of year production that you will soon find out more about. The girls learned so much. They studies plants, including wild crafting and the uses of common herbs. They learned movement games for the multiplication tables, they sang and played recorders, learned about nonviolent communication (otherwise known to them as loving communication), learned a mischievous song in Spanish (something about mothers being so bossy... oh, in a sweet way...) sewed beautiful pouches and flowers, painted in watercolors and so  much more.

A little hint about what is to come...


Nicole Spring (Frontier Dreams) said...

Oh what a beautiful journey! My oldest started K this fall at our Waldorf school and I can't wait!!

gardenmama said...

This is all so very beautiful.
Thank you for sharing this joy.