Thursday, May 20, 2010

Holding Remembrance

My kids were very intrigued by the Civil War era cemetery that they discovered upon walking in our neighborhood. I think that they connected to the beauty of remembrance, as a way to make sense of the continuum of life and death in the physical world. They made their own place of remembrance and beauty our backyard, for the small creatures who bring awareness to this journey that we are all on. Within these gates, rests Katey, the caterpillar, Josie, a mouse and an unnamed Blue Jay. Rest in Peace, little creatures.

A Stone I Died by Rumi

A stone I died and rose again a plant;

A plant I died and rose an animal;

I died an animal and was born a man.

Why should I fear? What have I lost by death?


Julie said...

The poem is beautiful. I love Rumi but I've never heard that one.

Anonymous said...

Such a wonderful poem!!! I just have one book of Rumi, but now I think I need to buy more. Beautiful, beautiful poem. Thank you.