Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Visit to Figment Farm

Here are photos from our visit with my creative and industrious friend, Leslie, at her gorgeous farm in the Willamette Valley. The kids had such fun romping around, collecting eggs and picking edibles from the garden. Vivienne was especially taken by the chickens, checking under the roosting hens every hour to see what she might find. She looked with such eagerness, one might think she was seeking a golden egg! They also followed the cats (especially Chive), sheep and the donkey (Abigail) around, trying to befriend them.

What a treat it was to make beautiful meals together. The kids harvested beets and onions for our salad, nettles for pesto and fresh salad greens and edible blossoms. Leslie helped the kids to make their own fresh pizza dough , and baked with their toppings of choice. Then we had stewed rhubarb with whipped cream for dessert. It is such an incredible connection to be able to experience a meal from the harvest to the table, and every step between.

I am going to share my rendition of Leslie's awesome strawberry smoothie: Take handfuls of freshly picked mint, several pints of fresh strawberries, add some lemonade(concentrate or freshly squeezed) and blend! It was so fresh and delicious, like a perfect summer's day.

The girls had a few new experiences as well. They got to take a quick ride on a motorcycle, thanks to Leslie's father, and were allowed to try playing on Leslie's cello.

~with much gratitude for a beautiful day on the farm

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