Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Corner View Wednesday: Street Fashion

Today there is little "street fashion" to be seen. It has been pouring rain, and there was even a tornado watch in effect. So I can look at my own fashion and share my favorite, happy red boots that I wear on days like this. Our town is an electic, bohemian inspired mountain town. There is a range of posh "southern style" to sporty casual to hippy-inspired. This is not a fashion-trend place to live so much as it is an individualist/ casual dress kind of town.

I love how my girls put on floral dresses with cowgirl boots, or mix up all sorts of prints. For my kids, fashion means making their own hats out of tissue paper, necklaces from scavenged yarn, pins and other decorations from my overflowing (and sadly neglected) arts and crafts stash. Currently, Vivi is also wearing a trend-setting green cast after breaking her wrist, poor darling.

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Daan said...

Your boots are great but your skirt is also awesome!

Kidfashion and what they make of it is the best.

Lovely View.

Joy said...

How fun are those red boots! It sounds like the fashion sense of your kids matches my kids, especially where the scrap yarn necklaces and dresses paired with interesting footwear goes. :)

Kari said...

Oh I love the red boots.
And your girls are like mine - but mine put on long skirts with cowboy boots.
Your kids are so cute.

nicola said...

sweet! the kids and i love their outfits!

MODsquad said...

Oh, your kiddos are super cute!! Love that top photo! We are having the same weather here in Colorado! Hail pretty much destroyed our garden and pumpkin/squash patch. I'm over that!

Happy Day to you and your family!

isabelle said...

I love your happy red boots
and the photo is great !!

jane said...

love this... and i love your boots!:)

clairette said...

I love yor boots and the way you represents them!

A Captured Reflection said...

Fabulous photos, gorgeous outfits!

trinsch said...

so cute, your kids. and with great style too :)

i'd definitely wear those boots on a rainy day too. love the color. and love the skirt too.

sunnymama said...

I love the outfits, especially the red boots! Wonderful corner view :)