Tuesday, June 23, 2009

For fathers with love.

There are so many appreciations that I feel for the Fathers in my life. My grandfathers who are no longer with us, my own wonderful father and my sweet husband and father to my children each deserve pages of recognition. I live passionately in the feminine aspect of life, thriving in my womanhood, my intuition, my nurturing side. However, I see the power of balance that men bring to my world, particularly in the role as fathers . They are the rocks and safe places in my life. They keep the world in it's place, remind me to stand on my own two feet.

My father's father, Grandpa James, had never changed a diaper for his own five children, and yet, he learned to care for me when I was little. He shared his passion of music with me, taking up a room full of instruments after retiring from the railroad. My Grandfather Peter, who immigrated from Germany, gave pure love to me in the ten years that I got to know him. He would empty his pockets of change in my hands, and his smile warmed my innermost self. He was a gentle soul, and would not bring harm to a fly. My own Papa, is a vessel of wisdom. He has not a selfish bone in his body, and has always taught me to be honest, moral, kind and humble. He has a passion for the gifts of nature and especially the ocean. My childhood memories are filled with camping, exploring and fishing with my father. And now, to see my own sweet true love grow as a father to my three babies, it is a beautiful thing. I love to watch the kids run to him with open arms, every cell of their bodies vibrating with joy to see their daddy when he comes home from work. A father with heart is a force of beauty and strength, and I feel such gratitude for them all.

We had a wonderful, quiet family day on Sunday. It was our intention to take a mountain top hike, however a rainstorm reached the mountain at about the same time as we did. So, we stretched our legs and enjoyed our picnic and then headed back home. The heavy rain subsided and the balmy mist enveloped the mountains.

with love and appreciation~

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