Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Great Outdoors: Part Three ( Community)

So much of what I love about this camping trip is the sense of community that we share. The children create their own ever-changing clusters, moving from one activity to the next, sometimes in pairs of those close in age, sometimes spanning seven years or so, from youngest to oldest child. We shared a wonderful, robust meal of communal chili, everyone contributed some ingredients and batches of homemade cornbread. I was especially grateful for my friend, Diana's Kundalini Yoga session, which was such a treat. And, we had our first mother-daughter book group discussion, reading Wise Child by Monica Furlong. We sipped homemade herbal tea, nibbled fire-popped popcorn, and talked amongst ourselves about the messages in the book. The girls were especially productive around the campsite that afternoon, washing muddy laundry in the river and setting it to dry on a clothesline. We shared stories, laughter, advice, meals, walks, bike rides, adventures, bonfires, problem-solving, games, joy and appreciation for one magical weekend in the woods.

With gratitude for my community of friends


Leanne said...

Ah yes community....and camping brings all that back together doesn't it....so wonderful for young and old....and those mud pies looked pretty fantastic too. So much fun!

pve design said...

lovely - I can hear the shrills of laughter, feel the wetness, see the goodness in all who gather and taste the pure joy of being outdoors.

Joy said...

I'm a wee bit jealous of your community. We are kind of oddballs in our area so community is hard to find. Lovely series of photos.

gardenmama said...

mmm... This reminds me of my own families sweet camping memories, campfire smoke left lingering in your hair and in the laundry must be a favorite memory for me!
I love the title "Community" camping brings out the best, sharing jobs, working and playing together to make for a pleasant camp!
I *LOVE* your picture of the clothes on the line!

april said...

thank you very much for this posts. i've to go camping with my family.
so much inspiration. wish you a happy day*