Friday, May 29, 2009

Fresh Produce: Part One (Farmer's Market)

I feel so grateful to live in a place where I can buy fresh, organic, local produce for most of the year. As much as I love my garden, it is not nearly large enough to feed my family. For now, it feeds my soul and lifts my spirit, and offers a sampling of good food and herbs. Someday, I would like it to grow big enough to feed us more.

this week's CSA(community share agriculture) box -Kale, lettuce, beets, strawberries, onions, sugar peas, collards and arugula - yum!

We are lucky to have artisan bread bakers as well as goat cheese makers, fresh eggs, local fish, maples syrup and honey, homemade empanadas and countless other specialties.

Hopefully soon I will be posting about getting our own city chickens! The local ordinance improvements passed, and we are eligible for a livestock permit. I am looking for coop plans and dreaming up a family building project for the summer.

And here is the latest harvest from our own garden... little yellow summer squash. And one small red potato that comes from Vivienne's own potato crop. Nothing tastes better than home grown.

~ With thanks to all the farmers who produce the foods that feed my family~


Joy said...

I love seeing other people's farmer markets. You'll have to let me know where yours is located so we can visit it when we're out your direction for 2 weeks this summer. I wish we had more organic produce at our farmer's market. It's getting better every year though.

april said...

wonderful pictures from your farmers market. the colors make me happy. have a wonderful day*

Olya said...

your post made me even more excited about our farmer's market this year :) Every year we look forward to the first Saturday of June and every other Saturday that comes after that. I also hope we can visit some farms this year to help our children learn and appreciate the fresh produce we have in our home...

Your photos made my mouth water. Wonderful, as always!

Leanne said...

Oh my is lunch time here and my mouth is watering....all that rainbow food....delightful!!