Saturday, January 9, 2010

Three Woolen Gloves

What does one do with a shrunken wool glove, or for that matter, a single without it's match or a glove with a hole? Surely, I cannot bear to throw these away! Just thinking about the amount of work that goes into knitting in the round for the five little fingers of each hand! Since I have started knitting and sewing, I have so much appreciation for the efforts that clothe me and my family. Materials which have used energy, time and precious resource to exist.

So, here I have one glove that no longer fits any person in the family after having several accidental trips in the washing machine, and a one of my gloves which has a huge hole. The kids and I had a fun time finding ways to recycle them.

Spring is on my mind!

Vivienne's cupcake pin cushion

Mia's hand, wrist and finger warmers

Finger warmers - the NEW look! The kids all wanted a golden ring.

Mia's heart goggles complete the look. Recycling is fun!


momma rae said...

so fun!! i love the rabbits and chicks! great colors. ;)

tamlovesran said...

Cute ideas! What a fun it must be for your children to have such a creative mom.


Lisa Anne said...

Great ideas, the chicks are so cute.

Heather said...

Wow, you have some serious inspiration in this post. How amazing you thought to make finger puppetts from glove fingers. I just love it.

onegoldensun said...

Thank for your comments! The little chicks and bunnies are sewn on the bottom and stuffed with wool, they would be cute for easter baskets or seasonal table. They would be great for finger puppets if I cut them a bit longer! Now we are on to repurposed tights... :)

gardenmama said...

so creative and sweet a wonderful thing to recycle! : )

renee ~ heirloom seasons said...

Really cute! I would be happy to have pink fingerless gloves.
I have been cutting the bottoms (full of holes) of old knee highs and wearing them as leg warmers all winter. Tights should be fun too!