Sunday, January 3, 2010

More Handmade Goodness

Vivienne's origami dwarfs, inspired by this book

It was with great satisfaction that I watched my children make and give handmade gifts for the holidays. For nine weeks, the girls would attend their Friday school at Dancing Springs Farm and tirelessly work on their handwork projects to give as presents. They made felted soaps, flavored honey, beeswax ornaments, knitting needles, knitted washcloths, sewn pouches, felted soaps, wood burned spoons, beeswax lanterns and MORE! And at the very final day, they made recordings of the beautiful songs that they learned , painted their own paper and wrapped their lovely handmade treasures. I could see the gratitude they felt for giving their treasures and it was so lovely to witness.

Vivienne made this pretty felt pouch for me

Mia's toadstool bag (and behind it, a treasured baby quilt made by Aunt Eileen)

Little dolls for the New Year's treasure hunt, made by Mia

When Grandma visited from Oregon, she made her traditional Springerle cookies with the kids. I love the special decorative cookie molds. They have a very special texture, kind of crusty on top and a bit chewy inside. I cannot stop eating these delicious cookies!

I love the contented feeling of working with my hands . Now that the busy holidays have passed and the cold winds are blowing, I will be knitting and making things for birthdays. It is the season for handwork projects, toasty fires, good reads and hot cups of tea!


Heather said...

Those origami dwarfs are so lovely. I really would like to do something like that with my little ones. The cookies, especially the mods, looks wonderful, what a great tradition to have

C.T. said...

Wonderful perspective; handwork projects, toasty fires, good reads and hot cups of tea. Yes, that sounds a lot like my days to come (besides being able of doing all of this near a cosy fireplace - sigh).
Anyway....adore the handmade gifts your children have made. What a treasures!! Question! Those cookies look tasty....easy to prepare them? (hint) ;-) Carmie.

Naturalearthfarm said...

My children also made handmade gifts and they were so loved by the recipients.
What wonderful classes they were so lucky to be a part of...
Warm wishes,

onegoldensun said...

Thanks for the sweet comments! Hi Carmie, I will ask my mother to give me her recipe to share! This is a cookie that I have yet to make by myself, we always do this when we are together and she knows the recipe by heart.

nicola@which name? said...

i love all the inspiring homemade gifts!

Mellie said...

Your photographs are so beautiful and inspiring! What a wonderful assortment of creativity! I love the little dolls, and the cookies look delicious!

renee ~ heirloom seasons said...

What a wonderful creative experience for your children. I think handwork and cozy time with books help us make it through the winter!

taimarie said...

What an amazing kids program! Such beautiful treasures.