Sunday, December 6, 2009

Magical Season (reflections)

I am beginning to feel the shift in myself, the inner spark that lights the way into the darkness of the season of shorter days. I feel the magic of Christmas begin to lift my heart in the most wonderful way. I feel it in the warmth among others, the knowing smiles, the openness and love. It is the season of gifts and miracles. I strive to "think" with my heart, to be present and open to finding that spark in my interactions with others. I hope for moments which slow the pace and keep me from falling into the urgent tug of time. I wish to witness the magic, savor the richness of this human experience in the cycle of the seasons which unites us with all that ever was and ever will be.

I am sharing some images of a beautiful Christmas festival. Around a small community lake, 325 paper lanterns light the half mile trail around the water and the community comes together for hay rides, carolling, and hot cocoa. We joined our friends on this beautiful night stroll, warmed ourselves with hot soup, german stollen, and roasted chestnuts over a sparkling bonfire, under the bright stars. The kids sledded down a grassy hill and star gazed into the night's sky. What a wonderous night it was. Thank you, Ines and Brad!

My thoughts are filled with what I can do for others, what I can offer. Today we watched a wonderful local production of A Christmas Carol, written by Charles Dickens. Such a powerful tale of redeeming one's ability to do good in the world. One fellow blogger who has inspired me is Nicole and her beautful blog in loving support of a mama with breast cancer. She is collecting homemade ornaments to honor Kelly's healing journey. To find out more about this project, visit the wellness tree blog. I would love to know how others share the gift of compassion . What acts of kindness do you strive to bring into the world? Please share your thoughts and ideas with me.

Happy St. Nicholas day!


Christine said...

wow, sounds very beautiful

Kelly said...

Your words are so peaceful yet inspiring. Thank you. Beautiful pictures as always.

wildviolets said...

Wow, sounds like such a magical night! I wish my little ones were ready for night time fun. Beautiful pictures.

momma rae said...

gorgeous photos, as always love. sounds like a magical night. i am making an ornament for kelly via nicole! sienna loves to make goodies and ornaments for the neighbors and go around delivering them all on christmas eve.

i miss you! hope we get to see your smiling faces soon. advent spiral perhaps?