Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas Crafting

Vivienne's Christmas angel

It is always astonishing for me to see the impulse of the season in the work of my children. The elements of the season, the materials at hand, and the inner feeling come through their art. While I try to have a variety of materials on hand, like fabrics, felt, wool roving, needles, and thread, etc., seldom do I initiate their projects. I love to see what comes naturally to them.

Vivienne came up with this fun stocking stuffer idea, pine needle pencils. The pencils are wrapped in floral tape and finished with a fresh spring of needles.

Christmas pencil

Vivienne's yarn animal (added to the nativity procession)

Jasper tells me that he is drawing in the dirt

the lovliest crown (a gift for our neighbor, Heather)


Beth said...

I love the children's crafts and Heather's crown. Beth

Joy said...

The angel and pencils are so cute! I love the crown. Very pretty. :)

likeschocolate said...

How wonderful to have creative children.

Catherine said...

I too am truly amazed by what comes up in their minds and how easy and natural it flows... It is very different than doing a prepared craft led by me. It is so much better, and more alive, when it comes from them. They truly are amazing, aren't they?

Christine said...

oh, so so so sweet. your children have such kind hearts.