Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Yes I creative!

I am dedicating my post to the great inspiration I feel today!What a great moment in history it is. I am looking around our house, taking note of the beautiful things my children make.

~Mia's artwork~

~Vivienne's artwork~
And getting motivated to get my own creative juices flowing. It helps me to see that I have completed some projects in the past...

~scarves that I have knit~

~my first clothing item beyond booties and scarves, Jasper's vest~

~and the sweater for Vivienne that I am almost finished with~
~Here's the needle felted figure I worked on at the local Church of Craft gathering
And some experimenting I am doing with needle felting onto felt scraps, wouldn't they make cute little pockets?
Are you feeling inspired too?

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Maria said...

Oh, I love your knitting and felting! Can't wait to get together and be creative!
Today, I made 2 batches of soap, raw goat yogurt, and some tinctures!