Saturday, November 8, 2008

Glorious Hues

I am savoring every day that I can look up these most beautiful, richly colored mountains. They are deepest golden shades, with glimmers of deep green, and tipped in a red velvet. Such a sight! I know that soon the leaves will drop and a new season will be upon us. But these warm days of golden light are incredible! Especially when a sliver of white moon hangs in the clear blue sky.

~more passenger seat landscape~

Today on our drive we came across this forest creature, foraging in his last hungry days before a winter's rest.

Here is the little felt project that I recently made, now sewn to jasper's overalls. Cute, eh? I think I will make more little felt patches... I think they'd look nice on a plain sweater or tee shirt too.

We had a most relaxing family day, soaking in natural mineral hot springs and just being together. We had considered a final beach trip this 4-day holiday weekend, but ultimately decided that staying close would be more restful. Tomorrow, banana pancakes for breakfast and making things with the girls. We have started on some sewn recycled wool ornaments & sachets. They are quick and fun to create.And a nice nature walk, I need jolly little pinecones for a project idea.

A few more inspirations to share...

~ A fabulous new book, Zakka Sewing which tempts me to brush up on my sewing skills so that I can make these beautiful things!

~ portait of a marionette couple, another favorite thrift shop find!

~Sending extra love and light to my dear Grandma who is now staying with my parents in Oregon~ Many blessings! They are so lucky to have your sweet company! xoxo


Jane said...

What beautiful pictures!
I have to check out this book of sewing you have shared. The cover is so sweet! I bet the projects are just as sweet. Have a great weekend.

Lisa Anne said...

Great photos, I love North Carolina. I thought I would move there, but we have found this part of PA to be almost as beautiful. I just have to find a hot springs nearby. I always thought if I could be an animal I would be one of those Himalayan snow monkeys that hang out all day in the hot springs. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I will be back here again.

ZenCrafter said...

Gorgeous shots of the autumn moon! I would love to see your felted wool ornaments. The felted mushroom is charming! I'm envisioning some embroidered fish and bird holiday ornaments from my felted wool sweaters. I can't wait to start!

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment! Tasha Tudor is amazing. I just saw an exhibit of her work at a museum in Colonial Williamsburg, and there was a scale model doll house of her actual home. What a treat!

dottyspots said...

Lovely photos :0)

I've an accidentally felted cardi I want to applique with felt for my youngest (it is a small man's cardi, was ds1's but he popped it in on a regular wash by accident and it felted down to a 3 year old's size *sigh*)

I'm thinking bugs, but I need a spare minute to get to it (so many things to make atm).

I love the mushroom on the overalls :0)