Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Random bits of goodness

The girls have been home from school the last several days, and we have enjoyed the time to make things together. Here is Vivienne's wool angel. She describes how to make it " Wrap a bit of white wool into a ball, tie a bit of colored wool around the neck for it's wings. Add some colored wool for the skirt. Then tie a string to the neck and hang it"
Pretty little rainbow, made by Vivienne~

Recycled wool sweater tooth fairy pouches, designed, sewn and needle felted by Mia.

My first attempted needle felted wool gnome, with a lovely locally made beeswax tree candle.My first wire-frame needle felted toy, a little pal for Jasper.
And these cute little comics were the inspiration of our friend, Rachael. In addition to making comics, they spend the afternoon playing Restaurant (inventing menus and all) and playing at the park. Thanks, Rach!

Mia's story: Once there was a horse whose owner was moving away, so he sold her at the market, and a little girl with blonde hair came to get her. They went home and lived happily ever after.

Vivi's story: Once there was a baby who needed a change, and cried. So the mother said "AhhhH, you need a change!" She changed him and he was happy again.

Vivi's 2nd story: Once there was a flower and he was happy when the sun shone. But when the sun got too hot, he felt sad. The clouds made rain, and the flower drank up the water. He was happy once again.
Vivi's 3rd story: Once the was a girl who was crying. She couldn't go swimming. But then the Dad said, "Okay, Let's go to the pool!" and so they went and she was happy again.

And a collaborative effort, both baking and eating (this is all that remains of our huge double batch!) yummy pumpkin cookies from this cookbook.


Lisa Anne said...

Looks like a nice way to spend a few days home from school.

ZenCrafter said...

I wish I could say our week was as creatively productive! The Waldorf-inspired wool fairy and other items are so beautiful!!

Thanks for leaving a comment on my "Where I Wish to Live" post and giveaway. Congratulations, you are the winner of an assortment of vintage children's books! I can see that you wouldn't mind some vintage crafting books as well!

Just send me an email with your address, and I'll post the package this week.