Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Summer Days

I am just amazed at how swiftly the summer has passed by! It has been an entire month since my last post and summer vacation is nearly over. The girls start school next week, I can hardly believe it! We have had a very busy and wonderful summer. I love summer for experiencing the present moment. No other season captures my attention like this one! I am going to try and recap in photos what our last month has been like. We have been so lucky to have family visits, lots of berry picking, summer library programs, a trip to the beach, hikes, swims, art making and kitchen fun.

First Mom came for a visit - we got to enjoy the Arboretum, through a rainshower and playing in the creek at Montreat.

Mom made a beautiful blueberry linzer torte with rose petals for my birthday.

Here is my birthday hat made by Vivienne...

Then I got another wonderful birthday surprise - Amy came for a visit! Mia took this photo.

Not only was it a birthday week but David and I celebrated 16 years of marriage!

We took a nice hike off the Parkway.

We spent the afternoon with friends at Caroline and Don's farm

And went blueberry picking - yum, the best berries ever!

The kids had a crazy dress-up parade with Rachael

Off we went for a trip to the beach - where we visited with the Hassett clan.

Mia and Great Grandma

The first thing Vivienne did when we got home was harvest the vegetables from our garden. And the kids made a really amazing tomato-cucumber salsa for lunch

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