Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Lovely Mess

This is the perfect description to me of my yard... and my house, my life in general, in fact! Point is, despite it's imperfections, I love it. I feel so grateful for it, mess and all. Remembering to engage in the beauty of the present moment brings me so much joy. This evening, I was in the mood to take pictures and so I wandered about the yard, taking photos until the kids got home from pizza with Daddy. Instead of looking at the garden as a series of tasks yet to be completed, I saw the loveliness.

~garden path~

~wild garden~
~hollyhocks~ ~heirloom tomatoes~

~ relaxing in the hammock~

~kids fort~
~wild clematis~

~mexican sumflower~

~lettuce gone to seed~

~lovely cosmos seeds~


~cherry tree~ ~swiss chard forest~

~wasp on dill flower~ ~little pumpkin~

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