Saturday, June 18, 2011

Wool magic and other creations

I am enjoying this wonderful online tutorial with Nicole from Lebenskuenstler  All the wool creations are made without felting the fibers. It is really a subtle art form! I just love the beauty of the plant dyed wool. So far, I have made the bunnies and a sheep.

Vivienne fashioned a cool "new" instrument, which she named the guitar-um, also known a prisoner's bliss. One has to be inside the box in order to play its strings. Pretty fun.

Vivi also fashioned her top out of a bandana and jute rope. She wore it proudly.

And let me not forget Jasper's super deluxe veggie sandwich. Yum. He ate every bite.


Catherine said...

I love all the creativity! I just love it when my girls are so proud of something they made and either wear it proudly or eat every bit of it!!

Julie said...

I adore your little sheep! I'm so glad to know about this course, looks like fun!

earthboysblog said...

Love all your wooly creations, your children are beautiful.

Mia Foley said...

Emily, your wool basket looks just just calls you to make beautiful things! The sheep is precious. I love the idea of making things without felting, perfect for children. Speaking of which, I so enjoyed seeing what your beauties have been up to. Happy making : )

JenMun(a) said...

I like your little woolen animals;) found you via natural suburbia and will a have look around here!
warm greetings